ASEAN Urban Life Survey 2023 (English Version)

In January 2023, Nomura Research Institute Singapore conducted a survey in six ASEAN countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam) to identify the lifestyles of consumers in the ASEAN region. The survey focused on the three themes of ‘Work’, ‘Housing & Shopping’, and ‘Travel & Entertainment’, while analysing and extracting new business opportunities for companies looking to expand in the ASEAN region.

For the theme of ‘Work’, the survey revealed the industries in which respondents indicated their desire to work in the future, as well as the indicators that should be emphasised in performance evaluation reviews. In addition, the survey also compared the impression of working in Japanese companies with companies in other countries.

As for the theme of ‘Housing & Shopping’, opinions on the future living environment, items necessary for daily life and where people usually buy them, as well as the impression of Japanese products were investigated.

And for the last theme of ‘Travel & Entertainment’, a wide range of consumption habits and trends were surveyed, including the need for smart devices, which have been expanding in recent years, and top travel destinations for ASEAN consumers. It was confirmed that Japan is still highly attractive as a travel destination for people from the ASEAN region.

ASEAN Urban Life Survey 分析詳細 Final 20230712_ver2.2 (EN Ver) v4

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